As someone who has suffered from acne all my working life, from working in a high-powered financial role in the city to becoming a new mum, I searched everywhere to try and find a solution. That is when I decided I wanted to start my own skincare business. I want to help other people look better, younger and to overcome whatever conditions they have and that is why I founded The Skin Investment Clinic. I am so thrilled that since launching my first clinic in Farnham, Surrey, we have now opened 3 further clinics in Hampshire, Wiltshire and London with more in the pipeline. 

The Skin Investment Clinic is passionately dedicated to helping people look and feel better by having the optimum skincare regime. We work with a three-pronged approach to skin care: topical skincare via our treatments, home care via the latest products, and healthy diet and vitamins. Should we work together, this will be the approach we will take to helping you maintain your skin and improve any skin problems.

Our specialities include active acne and acne scarring reduction, anti-ageing treatments, maintenance skin care and hormonal skin conditions.

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wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been
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