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Skin Conditions | Contracture Scars

A Contracture Scar is a type of scar formed when the skin has been burned. It is called a “contracture”scar because the skin tightens and contracts around the wounded area and can not only be unsightly but can restrict movement.

What cause Contracture Scars?

Contracture scars are formed when the skin has been burned and / or grafted and the surrounding skin tightens around the injured area. Contracture scars form as burn scars mature, the scar tissue shrinks, tightens and thickens. Scar tissues continue to tighten daily and can take 2 years to mature.

Where can you get a Contracture Scar?

A contracture scar can form anywhere the skin has been badly burnt but in particular, near the joints. Grafted wounds can also lead to a contracture scarring.

Who can get Contracture Scars?

Contracture scars are more widespread in people with darker skin or very fair skin (usually red-heads) although anyone who has suffered a burn can get them.

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