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Skin Conditions | Gram Negative Folliculitis

Gram Negative Follicultis is a type of bacteria infection that can be mistaken for a rash or acne. There are a number of different types of gram negative bacteria, including Pseudomanas Aeruginosa, Klebsiella, Serratia Marcescens, Escherichia, Coli and Poroteus.

What causes Gram Negative Folliculitis?

One of the causes of Gram Negative Folliculitis is long term treatment of acne with antibiotics. Hot tubs and spas can also carry a type of gram negative folliculitis known as spa pool follicultitis.

Where can you get Gram Negative Follicultis?

Gram Negative Follicultis tends to be found on the face, specifically around the lips, nose, cheeks and chin.

Who can get Gram Negative Follicultis?

Gram Negative Follicultis is more common in people who have acne or rosacea and have been treated long term with antibiotics.

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