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Skin Conditions | Large Pores

Simply put, large pores are just skin pores, which have become bigger than normal. This is usually as a result of over production of oil, causing the pore to swell and enlarge. Large pores are usually associated with blackheads.

What causes large pores?

People with oily skin tend to suffer more with large pores, as their pores are more prone to becoming blocked and enlarged. Ageing is also a contributing factor, particularly sun damage related ageing, as this can cause the pores to dilate and become larger. Loss of elasticity due to ageing can also make the pores look bigger. Hormonal changes also play a part and women may find that they have more enlarged pores during their period. Genetics can also play a part.

Where can you get large pores?

Large pores generally appear on the face, particularly around the nose and on the cheeks.

Who can get large pores?

Men and women can both suffer from large pores, but men tend to have larger pores than women, as their skin tends to produce more oil.

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