Treatments | Acne Flare Up Treatment

Sometimes despite our best efforts – your acne can be under control and then you get a flare up. We are here to help.


  • Stressful times in your lives can cause the sebaceous glands to be more active and it allows an increase in skin bacteria and yeast. Daily stressors raise your cortisol levels, which increases inflammation. Your glands produce more oil and your immune system is supressed – the perfect storm for a breakout.
  • Your technology is filthy – mobile phones are dirtier than a toilet seat – pretty disgusting when you think about it. They are abundant in bacteria that you press against your face daily!
  • Diet is obviously crucial to acne, and the wrong foods or specifically carbs can have a terrible effect on your skin. Too many refined carbs increase insulin levels which then causes the production of androgens, male hormones which increase oil production and inflammation which can then lead to an acne flare up.
  • The effects of pollution, particularly in modern towns and cities, can lead to clogged pores and skin inflamation.


Here at The Skin Investment Clinic we are here to help – having a deep clean, using common blemish fighters such as salicylic and azelaic acid can stop the inflammation and get things back under control. When you come to visit us we will examine your skin and discuss treatment options, before commencing.

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