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Eczema is a common condition that mainly affects children but can continue into adulthood. Atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis as it is also known is the most common form of eczema. It tends to occur in areas where there are folds of skin such as behind the knees, the front of the elbows, side of the neck, and around the eyes and ears. Other types of eczema include allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis.

Eczema sufferers often have allergies, and frequently have asthma and/or hay fever as well.

The severity of the condition can vary from patient to patient and can be uncomfortable and incredibly painful. Dr. Brazzini can treat localised areas of eczema but can advise you what the best course of treatment would be according to your symptoms and history.


Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition and, it affects around 2% of the UK population. It causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales generally in small areas on the body.

The severity of the condition varies from person to person but, for some, it can be debilitating.

Dr. Brazzini can recommend the most relevant treatment plan.


Rosacea is another chronic skin condition that mainly affects the face, beginning with episodes of flushing. Sufferers may experience spots and persistent facial redness. In some cases, small blood vessels may become visible, and in extreme cases, the skin can thicken and enlarge on and around the nose.

The exact cause of rosacea is unknown but certain factors are known to make it worse. These include exposure to sunlight, stress, cold weather, hot drinks, and certain foods such as spicy food.

Dr. Brazzini has many years of experience and success in treating rosacea through a combination of methods (topical creams and gels, antibiotics) and would be happy to discuss a programme with you.

Consultation Treatment

A consultation with the Dermatologist costs £180.00

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