Treatments | Observ520 Skin Analysis

The Treatment 

The Observ520 skin analysis device is a game changer in helping identify skin conditions. It uses state of the art technology to analyse skin at the dermal and epidermal layers. With 9 different observation modes, it can highlight skin irregularities including:

  • pigmentation and melasma
  • blocked pores
  • bacteria
  • sebum
  • sun damage
  • fine lines
  • microvascular structures in the face leading to flushing and redness
  • dehydrated skin
  • loss of volume

By analysing the deeper layers of your skin, it can identify skin concerns not yet visible to the naked eye.

The Benefits of Skin Analysis

Gaining a more scientific view of the layers of the skin enables us to monitor the effectiveness of treatment plans as the analysis can be repeated after several weeks to show the impact. By treating skin conditions before they are visible to the naked eye ensures we can reverse their effects, helping your skin to remain healthy and radiant. It also helps with cosmetic procedures, identifying areas to target to minimise the signs of ageing.

What does the treatment involve?

The skin analysis is very simple and doesn't take long but needs to be carried out by a qualified practionner. 


There is no downtime after the analysis.

Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

How long does the analysis take?

The analysis only takes a few minutes. You will then discuss the results with your practionner who will highlight any areas of concern and discuss appropriate treatment plans.


The consultation and analysis costs £50

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