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Expert Advice | Acne Prone Skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A acts as a powerful skincare supplement which can help tackle a whole range of skincare woes. By repairing skin damage on a cellular level, Vitamin A can help to re-educate the skin, normalising frustrating imbalances and helping our skin keep in check.

Acne is by far the most common skin disorder that people seek treatment for. Acne is categorised as a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands. This occurs when excessive oil production creates blockages in the glands or pores.Vitamin A can do wonders for acne prone skin. By protecting and potentiating the langerhan cells, Vitamin A improves the skin immunity. Vitmain A also helps to normalise the production of the sebaceous glands, balancing oil production and in turn helping to keep breakouts to a minimum.

In addition to all this, Vitamin A also helps to generate cell health and stimulate cell turnover, prompting your skin to shed the affected surface layer and reveal the healthy skin underneath.

Vitamin C

Due to the fact that our bodies cannot naturally produce Vitamin C, we need to ensure that we maintain a regular daily intake to promote the natural benefits to our skin. Nearly 97% of women have less than 200mg daily, and nutritionist suggest we should take 2000mg per day to attain the best results.

The powerful properties of Vitamin C mean that it can naturally accelerate the healing process (perfect for people recovering from breakouts) and help strengthen the capillary walls, reducing redness and evening out skin tone.

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