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Expert Advice | Algae - The Facts

Algae - The Facts

Halophyte plants - extraordinary survival ability

These are seaside plants which are subjected to extreme conditions such as cold, wind, sun, humidity and salt. They have learnt to develop unique defenses. They now offer us ultra high-performance active ingredients, such as the native cells of christen marine and blue thistle.

Macro algae - endless marine properties for your skin

These are real sponges with an incredible capacity for adaptation. Macro algae know how to modify their metabolism according to the waters in which they are found. They are made up of permeable tissues which absorb the sea water and filter it to retain only the good substances. With an extra-cellular matrix similar to humans, they are easily absorbed by our skin to moisturise, soothe, tone and regenerate.

Micro algae - in the depths of the ocean, the essential is invisible.

Invisible to the naked eye and not well known, the microscopic algae are among the most promising active ingredients for tomorrow's cosmetics. A source of life, their photosynthetic activity is out planet's main source of oxygen.

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