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Expert Advice | The Dry Skin Rescue Guide

The Dry Skin Rescue Guide

Before we start, let’s get something straight. You might have an intensive beauty regime, but, following the same skincare routine year-round could be the start of dry skin woes. Dry skin is a common problem – one of the most common, in fact. During the colder months, dry skin can really come into its own, causing cracking, flaking, itching and bleeding. Safe to say, this is not a look most of us strive for. Luckily, changing up a few elements of your skin care routine is all you need to beat the autumn skin blues. Whether you were born with dry skin, your environment is particularly drying or you just suffer from this condition as part of the ageing process, we’ve got some top tips to help you through:

Change the way you bathe

We all love a nice hot shower or bath at the end of a long, chilly day. But the steam and heat is actually very drying for skin, and can leave it dehydrated and dull. We’re not saying switch to cold water though! Instead, make sure water is warm, not hot, and wash with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to banish oil and dirt.

Top product: We love Algologie’s Sensi Plus Cleanser – perfect for dry and sensitive skin, leaving it fresh, relaxed and perfectly cleansed.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Obviously, dry skin is lacking hydration. So, naturally, you’ll want to reach for the moisturiser. All of the products out there are designed to trap existing moisture in skin. To retain the moisture you’ve already got, you need to make sure you moisturise as soon as you can after washing. Look out for moisturisers containing damage-busting antioxidants, exfoliating lactic acid, and smoothing hyaluronic acid. Always remember, though: bland is better! Always avoid scented products which tend to be harsh on dry and sensitive skin.

Top product: Algologie’s Hydra Plus Serum is a Skin Investment Clinic favourite. This highly concentrated marine moisturiser with Algo-3 complex restores balance to dry, dehydrated skin.

Try ointments and creams, instead of lotions

Lotions tend to contain more ingredients that irritate the skin, so ointments and creams are often more effective for dry skin types. Products containing olive or jojoba oil can work miracles and shea butter is also a good one to look for, especially when combined with restorative ingredients such as lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, mineral oils and petrolatum.

Top product: Even the thirstiest skin will start to feel better after Algologie’s Hydra Plus Replenish Mask. At the heart of the formula is bio-mimetic complex Algo-4, which works to keep skin restored and radiant for longer.

Lip balm should be your handbag essential

Cold weather is notorious for causing dry, chapped and just plain uncomfortable lips. Make sure your lips don’t sting or tingle when you apply your product, though – that can only mean more irritation to come!

Top product: For soft, smooth lips all year round, we’re in love with Caudalie’s Lip Conditioner. Made from 99% naturally derived ingredients, this balm repairs lips and protects them from the winter winds.

Go easy on the scented products

We know we keep saying it, but it’s really important! Make sure to only use gentle, unscented products on your dry skin. Many scents and ingredients are too harsh for sensitive skin types and can cause even bigger problems. That means the product you spent so much time and money using could be making your skin worse. Whilst you might have found a product that usually works, when your skin is dry and dehydrated you might need to stop using it for a bit. Avoid ingredients like alcohol, fragrance, retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acid, to give your skin a break.

Top product: Fancy a skin-loving treat? Algologie’s Velvety Body Milk is the answer! This uber-moisturising product contains high performing hydrators and extracts of centella asiatica, which stimulate cell regeneration and supply the skin with essential vitamins. Use this after bathing for velvety, soft skin.

It might be time to re-evaluate your wardrobe

Think of this one as a positive! Invest in cotton and silk clothing that’s gentle on skin and avoid wools and rough fabrics coming into direct contact with your body. What you wash your clothes in also counts and you might benefit from choosing a hypoallergenic detergent.

Fight the urge to itch 

There’s nothing worse than having an itch that you just can’t scratch. Eczema and irritated skin is often so itchy, you just can’t resist. Unfortunately, all that scratching is bad news for your skin – it will lead to more inflammation and itchiness in the long run. Anti-itch cortisone creams applied regularly can be really effective in soothing the itch, before it takes over!

Makeover your make-up  

Just like moisturisers and skin products, you want to make sure your make-up is all dry skin friendly. Look for cream and liquid based products and make sure you always moisturise and prime before applying (to avoid the dreaded flaky look). Tinted moisturiser might seem like a good idea, but actually it’s not as moisturising or as covering as you might think.

Talk to a skin specialist

Dry skin is a frustrating and sometimes painful condition to have. What makes it worse is that the range of moisturisers and skincare products can become overwhelming when you’re trying to find the product that works for you. Luckily, there are skin-loving specialists out there, who can help you to formulate the right regime for your dry skin, whatever the weather. We’ve designed a few in-spa treatments to help your dry skin get back on track:

Get in touch with our expert team today to book an appointment and banish the dry skin blues! 

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