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Want healthy, glowing skin? It takes a 360 degree approach. Here's how to get the balance right.

We see our dentist for strong teeth, we go the gym for a healthy body and a therapist for a healthy mind, but when it comes to our skin, we’re not always religious about, say, taking our make-up off or feeding it the proper ingredients it needs to function.

Beautiful skin requires a two-pronged approach and its as much about what goes into your body as it is about what goes onto it.

It’s important, especially as our skin is the largest organ in out body, responsible for everything from protecting our organs to facilitating touch, that we take proper care of it - not only to improve how we feel about the way we look, but for our well-being. With that in mind, here are a few straightforward tips to help you get on the right track towards looking and feeling your best.

Eat well

We’re all familiar with the old adage ‘you are what you eat’, but many of us still struggle when it comes to maintaining the right diet to achieve great skin. As a general rule of thumb, avoiding processed or fatty foods, or meals with a high concentration of salt and opting instead for a diet rich in vitamins attained from fruit, fibre and vegetables will stop your skin from looking tired and dull. However, we’ve put together a short list of power foods which are easy to obtain from your local supermarket or health food store to keep your skin its best.


Repeat after me. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Whilst it’s important we’re not over-drinking, as this can dilute the sodium levels in our blood and have a harmful toll on our bodies, simple steps such as reducing our daily caffeine intake and substituting sugary cordials for plain water can ensure we’re staying properly hydrated. Might H2O keeps our skin flexible and helps to wash out excess toxins in our blood, allowing for everything to function as it should. If you’re not a fan of the taste of water, healthy alternatives such as caffeine-free teas can keep our bodies in good nick, plus they have the benefit of containing anti-oxidants to flush out the system.


In case you needed an excuse to eat more of this delicious fruit, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (found in oily fish, nuts and avocados) provide essential acids which improve the elasticity of your skin, keeping it supple and young.


Zinc is the mother of skin vitamins. In addition to regulating your immune function, keeping common colds and viruses at bay, zinc is also integral to the normal functioning of your sebaceous glands. Not only does it keep your skin feeling young soft, it also has the benefit of repairing skin damage – perfect for those suffering from sunburn, stretch-marks or acne scarring. As well as being found in seeds, you can also get your zinc-fix by ingesting foods such as whole-grains, fish, lean red meats, poultry and seafood. Almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts are also a fantastic source, perfect for snack times between meals, with the added benefit of containing vitamin E, which supports healthy skin growth.

Find a skincare routine which works for you

All of the skincare products we use at The Skin Investment Clinic are natural, and derived from the sea. Our in-house team of experts are able to provide you with a thorough analysis on your skin type, and advise you on the best route of action, regarding your skincare routine.

However, in-between visits with your skincare professional, there are many home-made remedies you can apply, derived from nature which will help leave your skin feeling glowing and fresh. Did you know that you can use the following fridge staples to create face masks at home?

Banana – great for moisturising dull and tired skin.

Milk – lactic acid is fantastic at toning down redness.

Yoghurt – tightens pores.

Lemon – natural exfoliant.

Egg – helps to unclog pores and leaves the skin baby soft.

Tomato – natural astringent for flare ups, and great for tightening pores.

Strawberry – high in vitamin C, helps to control excess sebum levels on skin.

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