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Expert Advice | How Does Seaweed Work?

How Does Seaweed Work?

All of the sea's minerals are concentrated in seaweed cells, similar to a tiny chemical manufacturing plant. Seaweed also manufactures proteins and vitamins. Each variation of seaweed possesses its own individual cocktail of elements, so it's essential to choose the appropriate seaweed for the required function. Once the cellular wall of seaweed is burst by crushing or micronisation its components are released, and by osmosis be absorbed into the upper layers of the skin. 

As the blood circulates the capillaries distribute these elements to the organs, particularly the skin, which will absorb them in a selective manner.

Furthermore, the biological environment in which the seaweed lives is comparable in many ways to the blood's plasma, which helps explain the incredible ease of distribution of seaweeds active ingredients in the body.

Sea weed and sea water are infinite sources of minerals and organic substances with exceptional properties. They contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals and marine trace elements that are able to replenish any deficiencies in the skin and body. Vitamins are essential for proper functioning and balance of the human organism. Minerals regulate our metabolism and are essential for our growth and development. Trace elements are conductors of the cellular orchestra of life. These elements serve to revive malnourished cells, oxygenating and boosting their rate of regeneration.

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