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Expert Advice | How To Look Fresh Forever

How To Look Fresh Forever

Want to keep that post-facial feeling between visits? Here's what you need to know now, for a beauty regime that'll keep you looking fresh forever.

SLS Free Cleanser

Avoiding soap and facial cleanser featuring sodium laureth sulphate will save your skin. Cleansing is a must, as is preserving your lipid barrier, which protects skin from dehydration, inflammation and disease. SLS detergents (found in many soaps, shampoos and foaming agents) will strip it, leading to further problems down the line - including premature ageing. We stock several alternatives here at the Skin Investment Clinic, so simply speak to one of our expert skincare team next time you have an appointment for more info.

Barrier Builders

Skincare experts have increasingly promoted lipid barriers (also called the acid mantle) as the key to problem free, age- defying skin. They consist of lipids (there's a surprise) and rejuvenating, healthy bacteria; helping your skin to build a self-hydrating, self-protecting eco-system. Look out for products including essential fatty acids, niacinamide (vitamin B3) and pre and probiotic complexes.

Hydration Station

Seeing as we are composed of 70% water, it stands to reason that skin doesn’t function properly if its dehydrated. Dumping a heavy cream on your face may make it look plumper on the surface, but can make skin lazy, slowing down its natural moisture production in the deeper layers. Short chain hyaluronic acid and glycerin are oil free, weightless skin quenchers, that stimulate the self-hydrating process. They're ideal for oily skins and just as effective on dry ones.


Our skin cell renewal process starts to get lazy as we reach our twenties, so we need to ramp up our skincare routine in order to keep looking fresh. A toner, cleanser or mild daily peel with gentle AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) such as lactic or mandelic acid will make a huge difference. Opt for serums with glucosamine, salicylic acid and niacinamide to maintain your youthful glow.

The Big Three

Vitamins A, C and E are the antioxidants best proven by science and loved by skin experts in order to keep skin fresh. Add as many others as you like (vitamin B2 in green tea and lycopene found in red fruit are a great start). The wider the variety the better, as they all tackle different harmful free radicals. Your in-built stash of antioxidants begins to deplete - you guessed it, in your twenties, so you need these bad boys to keep skin glowing and beautiful.

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