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Expert Advice | Minerals and Marine Trace Elements Present in Seaweed

Minerals and Marine Trace Elements Present in Seaweed

Aluminum - anti stress

Calcium - strengthens bones

Chloride - supports the elasticity and tone of the skin

Fluoride - strengthens teeth

Iodine - anti bacterial properties and accelerates the metabolism, facilitating the elimination of fat

Iron - firming and anti bacterial

Manganese - firming, a factor in collagen synthesis and prevents premature skin ageing

Molybdenum - strengthens the support tissues and boosts collagen

Nickel - suppresses the appetite

Potassium - an essential electrolyte present in intra-cellular liquid

Phosphorous - aids nervous tissue development

Silicium - helps with connective tissue development

Selenium- helps ageing due to photosynthesis

sodium - facilitates the exchanges in the membranes

sulphur - aids with the completion of the skin and helps to treat dermatitis, acne and skin reactions

zinc - antiseptic and healing

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