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We are beyond excited to now offer vitamin injections at our Farnham Clinic to supercharge your health and wellbeing. Dr Brazzini and Nurse Sarah Crouch will offer a range of vitamin injections focused on improving skin, hair and nail health, as well as improving energy levels and boosting the immune system. These injections will be highly effective as they bypass the digestive system meaning that the body can more efficiently absorb the valuable nutrients. We will be offering:

  1. Vitamin D - there's no end to the health benefits of vitamin D, an excellent supplement we often tend to lack in the winter months. It keeps bones, teeth, muscles healthy, boosts the immune system and improves mood and neurological conditions. 
  2. Glutathione - a wonderful antioxidant, boosting energy levels, slowing down the ageing process, improving the skin and detoxifying the liver.
  3. Vitamin B12 - another nutrient many of us in middle age find we lack. This will boost energy levels, nourish the brain and nervous system
  4. Vitamin C: Aids collagen production helping skin look more youthful and radiant as well us improving mental and physical wellbeing
  5. Vitamin B Complex - suppresses your appetite so helping weight loss. Can also treat and prevent low mood

To find out more about these injections, please do get in touch by calling 07887 855539

The injections vary in price but start from £55

We recommend following any vitamin injections you have a blood test every 3 months to assess if you require a follow up injection.

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